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Sat Aug 18 2012, 05:31am
Registered Member #5
Joined: Tue Dec 20 2011, 03:30am
Posts: 160
Simply put, I've got a bunch of Monster Arena maps, some are great, some are basic, quite a few suck. Didn't make any of them but I got them.

How hard is it to convert an MA map to MonsterHunt? Is it as simple as just renaming the "MA" to "MH" or is there more to it than that?

Also, a few of the MA maps i've got weren't made so great. You kill the final monster (not a lot of exits on MA) and normally that ends the map but on these badly made ones nothing happens and you're basically stuck there until you open a menu for a new game.

I know some MH maps you kill the final monster, or a boss, and the map ends.

Keeping in mind I'm not a full fledged mapper, I'm just a decent editor, how do I setup a monster so that it is the trigger that ends the map?
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Sat Aug 18 2012, 12:35pm
Registered Member #11
Joined: Sun Dec 25 2011, 08:48am
Posts: 19
I never remodded a Monster Arena Map, but I did with CTF and DM, so MA should not be that different.
First of all you need to set Monsterhunt as Default Gametype for the Map. To do this, open the Map in UED and thereafter the MonsterHunt.u in your Actor Class Browser, than on top in your UED click on "View" -> "LevelProperties" -> and click on the + in front of "LevelInfo", there you see a line called "DefaultGameType", write: Class'MonsterHunt.MonsterHunt' (inclusive the ') in there, or alternatively, look in your Actor Class Browser in "Info" -> "GameInfo" -> "TournamentGameInfo" -> "DeathMatchPlus" -> "TeamGamePlus", Highlight "MonsterHunt" and in your LevelProperties at Default Gametype click on "Use". That looks very difficult now, but its just a few clicks.
And just as note: In "LevelInfo" -> "Title" you should also change the Mapname to the one you would like to call it as it's done.

Next you should rename the map to MH-Mapname indeed, for the MapVote to recognize it's a Monsterhunt Map.

For your last Question, yes, in some Maps I prefer as well to let the Map end automatically by the kill of a special Monster... But that always depends on the Map...
For doing that you have to connect the MHEnd to the Monster it should activate it by kill.
First highlight the MHEnd and take a look in "Radii View" for it's Collision Radius, here a Picture how you get the Radii View (just in case):

Now you can set the Collision Radius for your MHEnd as big and high as you need it, if a Player is in this Radius or enter it, the Map will end. As soon as you are done with that, just switch back to "Full Actor View".
Now open the Properties of MHEnd and set the follow:

"Object" -> "InitialState" to "OtherTriggerTurnsOn"
"Trigger" -> "InitiallyActive" to "False"
"Events" -> "Tag" -> Write in anything you like, for example MapEnd

Now open the Properties of the Monster you want to activate the MHEnd with and set MapEnd (or any other word you used in MHEnd Tag) to "Event"

That's it, you are done.
If you got Questions left, please feel free to ask...
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