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Im angry
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Moderators: Muilkorfje, Killerbee, OmG.Fubar
Author Post
Sun Jul 15 2012, 08:33pm
Registered Member #11
Joined: Sun Dec 25 2011, 08:48am
Posts: 19
First of all I'm in contact with all People who have X-Fire, and I will never use anything like Facebook or Twitter just to be in Contact with you. That are things every Idiot who think he is the great big shot is using. "Hey look I'm on Facebook, I'm the hero, I'm the coolest"... Sorry I have no need to run with that mass of Kiddies to get my Ego pushed up.
Ok, back to Topic: Everybody who knows me a bit better will confirm, that I never take Credits of any work I didn't made (doesn't matter if we talk about Maps, Textures, Deco, Music or any other things). Everybody who gave me Ideas and or helped me will get own Credits and beyond that I will tell everybody who asks me, that this or that stuff is made by the guy who really made it. I'm always fair to everyone!
If you think everybody should give Credits to anything, you should also Credit the Bands you are using the Music from in your Maps ;-)
But now tell me how should I have contact you to ask you if I may use your Deco or Textures? We had no contact for years and the first thing I did as we finally met, was to invite you to come to my Server and take a look at the Map I have modded with your Deco and Textures (all Ideas about Modding was mine, like I said, I modded this Map long time before I ever met you or saw your Maps).
If I had not Invited you, you would never know about that, cause you said, I Quote: "I Don't like the Stronger Server" so I'm sure you would never had connect there by your own.
So I came up to you and told / showed to you, cause I thought you would be proud somebody is using your nice work, and not run around telling everybody we're just "Newbies thieves mappers". I start to think this is just a personal crusade against Pizz@, me and my little Server, cause nonetheless I told you Pizz@ only made a few rooms and nothing more, you are mad at him. And about me, you would allow Hitman to use your Textures without asking you, cause he is such a good Mapper... Very nice, Hitman is same good as I am, he is a very good Modder and can map a bit, same like me (I just don't like Mapping, that's why I prefer to Mod Maps and learn as much as possible about Modding). Really strange you allow him to use your things but not me... Just want to have said that.
Like Pizz@ and me already told you, I have converted way over 1000 Textures in 67 Packages and it took me a long time and was quite a lot of work, but I think if some Mappers / Modders would like to use them for their Maps it was worth all the work. Nobody has to ask me for using these Textures or give any Credits in the Map or anywhere else, they are free for all who like to use them and if I see a Map using some of them, I'm happy.
In fact it would be a big waste of time and work if only I use a few of these Textures from time to time for a Map that I mod.
And about your derogative "everybody make that" on the Server as I told you about my Textures, maybe they do, but they never create that huge count just to use for every Mapper and Modder. "Everybody" (like you said) is only converting / creating a few Textures they need for a Map they do just now, I in contrast did a huge amount of Texture Packages for all Mappers and Modders, please remember that before you say "everybody make that" next time.
If that all would be a commercial thing, means you would sell your Deco, Textures and Maps, it would be something different, in that case I could fully understand your anger, besides in this case I had never used your stuff in that way. But hey, everything we do is free, we invest a lot of time and work and all we get back is respect, nothing else, so just be happy that Mappers and Moders like and respect your work by using it to create more Maps.
I really can't understand what's so hard for you to share your work with others, even if they don't ask...
Everything we do is creating things for all Players to have fun, so lets work together and not against each other.
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Sun Jul 15 2012, 11:08pm
Registered Member #4
Joined: Mon Dec 19 2011, 10:08am
Posts: 95
Pizzi wrote ...

lets work together and not against each other.


And Bee, sorry for my 'aditude', I just dont like people talking time that to me, or friends.
He complained, so you can say also 'he started'.
He talked to me about this on facebook, 'where he blocked me now.. lol', and I already told him everything.
Now he has to make a stupid topic aswell.
He also did already talk to Pizzi, so it was discussed!
Why even bother making this topic?

[ Edited Sun Jul 15 2012, 11:13pm ]
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Sun Jul 15 2012, 11:22pm

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Dec 18 2011, 10:19pm
Posts: 29

i think that Thunderbolt complained about the fact that content was used without asking him.

why are people so quik burned here... if this is his work dont use it...i told u what happend when i did the same,

respect each other folks
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