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Im angry
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Moderators: Muilkorfje, Killerbee, OmG.Fubar
Author Post
Sat Jul 14 2012, 02:33am
Registered Member #12
Joined: Sun Dec 25 2011, 10:25pm
Posts: 9
im very Angry because (omg)Pizza and (omg)Pizzi from killerbee Stronger Server made some Egyptian maps with my decos, textures, some brushes and ideas From my maps. and i have not credits or some mention for it. -.- I hate Newbies thieves mappers.
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Sat Jul 14 2012, 02:47am
Registered Member #4
Joined: Mon Dec 19 2011, 10:08am
Posts: 95
First of all, don't call us fucking 'Newbies thieves mappers', we are working our asses off to keep the stronger server nice, and loading it with cool maps.
Second, everyone in whole the whole ut/ued world is using files from eachother.
Third, you could copyright it, so it's not our fault.
Fourth, you should be happy that your items get re-used because we like them
And as last, dont bullshit me with topics like this again.
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Sat Jul 14 2012, 04:03am
Registered Member #11
Joined: Sun Dec 25 2011, 08:48am
Posts: 19
Ok again: It was my own Idea for this Map, I did the most of the Work, I have "stolen" your Decos and Textures out of your so save thought MyLevel settings, it was all my idea not Pizz@'s, I hope that is finally clear!
I love Egyptian Style Maps, and I started my modding Work on that Map as I not even knew you and all your Work. This was my first ever modded Map and now with some better skills, I thought it could be fun to redo this Map as my personal little Project, to see what I could make out of it with all the knowledge I have now.
Pizz@ just helped me by building a few rooms, cause I may be quite good at modding, but I sadly suck at Mapping.
So he did a few rooms, but I was the one who filled them with your nice Deco and the Textures.
And you... You should be proud that other Mappers and Modders like and respect your Work by showing that as they use that stuff for their own Maps. Do you really want to had all the work by doing the sweet Deco things and Textures for only use it for a few Maps you create...? What a shame for all that time and work you spended by creating (at least my opinion).
So I don't understand why you make a Mountain out of a molehill.
Like Pizz@ already said, Mappers / Modders use their stuff among each other, there is no real Copyright, it's just respect and all Players, Mappers and Modders I know respect your work and like your Maps and all know that these Decos / Textures are your work, so where is the problem? Is it really just the Ego thing? Like "Hey, this is my work, I have made this, I'm the hero, not you", I'm sorry but I don't like that attitude. You show real bigness by Creating something and share it with others, not keep everything for you alone, that's the wrong way. Nobody of us get paid for the work we do and the time we invest, so we should hold together and not fight against the others, that's counterproductive, nobody will be the winner at the end, believe me.

Fazit: It's up to you to think what you like about me, but that has nothing to do with Pizz@, he just helped me, like some others did as well with (mapping) things I can't do, that's all.
If you like or dislike my Server is your own thing as well, but you should keep in mind that we all worked very hard to make it better and better, we listen to suggestions by the Players to make it fun and comfortable to play (most other Admins don't do that).
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Sat Jul 14 2012, 04:19am
Registered Member #4
Joined: Mon Dec 19 2011, 10:08am
Posts: 95
True, so true, I totally agree with everything what Pizzi said.
I have modded also 2 other maps to ()mG MH-maps, with using your textures.
They fit in nice, so I used them.
Most people know that those items are created by you, but that doesnt matter. We have to help eachother.
Pizzi made a huge collection of ()mG textures, for who do you think, everyone. Textures/items whatever should be shared and re-used, others should enjoy them. If you dont want your items to be used, fine, code them someway nobody can use it. I don't get your problem, like Pizzi said, if that is your additude, go fk urself. Your maps might be great, I admit that, and used much, but you are still just a mapper like me, not a king or a god, just a simple mapper.
And why does 'our' server suck? It's just another monsterhunt server, just a little bit harder, harder maps, and a lot of insane guns.
If you perfer to play on servers like dU and stand like a fag around the corner with a ripper, go ahead, but dont tell people thier server suck. You should think about things like that before you say it. Just guess how many time Pizzi spends in the server, Howmany time I spend for it, howmany time all the other mappers, modders, and players spend in it, and then you just come and say 'meh it sucks' wel screw you. Go host your own server, then see how hard it is, what time it costs. Think about Pizzi, how would he feel now, after someone says his server sucks. Like I said, you dont know how hard it is, to manage everything. You are just a simple mapper. Next time think about things before cracking them down. Specially when i'm involved with it, I hate dickheads with such an additude.
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Sat Jul 14 2012, 03:52pm
Registered Member #12
Joined: Sun Dec 25 2011, 10:25pm
Posts: 9
First: Pizz@ You have half the life that I or less, you're just a kid so you know nothing about hard work.
Second in any time I said that no I wanted to share my work. I said there is no mention of me for my brushes and textures and ideas from my maps.
Respect is not taking things from other mappers and not mention. Dont talk about respect when there is not.
They talk about hard work in a server, I know Admins with twice as old as you and if they work 24 hours enslaved.
If you take things from other mappers you're a thief, you have no creativity and also are not a mappers. When you make a map alone with your ideas, I will call mapper.
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Sat Jul 14 2012, 09:38pm
Registered Member #5
Joined: Tue Dec 20 2011, 03:30am
Posts: 160
1) Okay, to be fair TB if they took segments of your texture packages that isn't stealing. It may not even have been deliberate. I've got texture files from over a thousand maps in my textures directory and I couldn't tell you where most of them came from.

It's not like the individual .utx files have the information within them that says specifically who made them.

2) It doesn't matter if these folks are older or younger than you. Their age has nothing to do with how hard they've worked.

3) I've been playing on Killerbee's servers more than just about anywhere else and these are good people. Their games are fun, the players have a good attitude, it's one of my favorite hangouts.

TB, I've used your textures on some of my maps. Probably. I've no idea cuz, as stated above, individual texture files do not say what they're from. I dive into all my textures when I'm looking for something to use and just use it... and unless you've created every single texture you've ever used, I'm willing to bet you've done the same.

Basically, if they're thieves then you're a thief too.
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Sun Jul 15 2012, 12:11am
Registered Member #10
Joined: Fri Dec 23 2011, 05:18pm
Posts: 26
Hey Thunderbolt:

° Did you draw by yourself all images before importing them and converting them to textures?
° Is in your textures packs an image that identifies it as yours?
° Do you use only textures, decos, monsters, weapons and music made by yourself? If not, do you give the credits for all of them?
°Is there a list of all your textures, brushes, decorations etc, where we can check to know witch you made?

If you answered “no” for one of these questions, shame on you.

If you are so old, why are you acting like a selfish child? The real mappers are the guys from Epic Games, who developed the UEditor. And I don't see them whining like “oh, everybody is using our stuff, we should never had given them the UEditor...”

Lol, I just opened one of your maps and.... surprise..... full of stuff made by others! And where are the credits???

Sorry, but you are not the god of my religion. I don't recognize the name Thunderbolt as an entity from whom I never should use His stuff in vain.

Last question:
Did you already regret acting like an ass or we still have to wait and continue this discussion?
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Sun Jul 15 2012, 02:09am
Registered Member #10
Joined: Fri Dec 23 2011, 05:18pm
Posts: 26
ps. Are these YOUR textures?

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Sun Jul 15 2012, 04:55am
Registered Member #12
Joined: Sun Dec 25 2011, 10:25pm
Posts: 9
I see your just looking for conflict here, I did not say anything about the textures of Zock, I put the credits of all that is not within my blog notes, also contact me directly with the original authors. I said my textures. made by me. If you do not know what is happening here really do not talk.
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Sun Jul 15 2012, 12:18pm

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Dec 18 2011, 10:19pm
Posts: 29
People i see it this way, things made created by Thunderbolt (and also other coders and modders) should not by used freely for other projects without asking the auther to use it.
I have done this by myself in the past, i used copyrighted material from DU without asking the maker (BOB) if i may use it.
He was very very dissapointed in me, he thought i should never do such things. i still have regrets..

I mean why shall we do this, i say please ask first.
Yes ofcourse we all wanted to make nice things for the mass, and then have poeple said "he man nice made"

these days when there arent that much coders / mappers we should be all unite..

Pizza-Soldier, i think u should lower ure attitude, TB is complaining
that people used his stuff, please communicate i a descent way.
dont needed that here its not oke, again all u people have the same idea's but lets get foccused on the case.

give it a try its worth!

[ Edited Sun Jul 15 2012, 05:14pm ]
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