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NW3 Final Update
Moderators: Muilkorfje, Killerbee, OmG.Fubar
Author Post
Tue Apr 10 2012, 04:41am
Registered Member #26
Joined: Tue Jan 17 2012, 01:46am
Posts: 7

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the last development update before actual release of this mod. All weapons are done, however some work is still left to do to truly complete the mod: some changes, enhancements and fixes, some features, optimizations, addons, support for future projects of mine, menus to tweak the settings, documentation (yes, I will make a full extensive doc on all you need to know, either you're an admin or player, dev docs may come later if there's any interest which I kinda doubt, so I won't do those for now, but I will let the code open like I always do, so...), and then a small private beta-testing to ensure everything is fine and then release.

And as tradition demands, a development update comes always with new things to look at, in this case the two last weapons from this pack: the Executioner and Razored Translocator, as you can see below.
One of the totally new things introduced with both weapons is the appearance of actual blood in the blades of each weapon. Not only "red blood", but 5 possible colors as mercenaries have green blood for instance. Each weapon has a command that can be used to clean the blood from them if you wish: CleanBlades (Executioner) and CleanRazor (R.T.).

The Executioner

This is the melee weapon of the pack, it comes with 4 configurable different firemodes, from which you can choose 2: single, double, single+double mix and charged attack.
With charged attack you have pretty much the same destructive and impact effect from impact hammer, which means instant killing upon charging and "charged jumps".

Razored Translocator (R.T.)

The R.T. is a special kind of translocator that has 2 possible device modes: a regular one and one with blades.
The regular one will work pretty much like the standard one physics-wise, however once you activate the blades it will behave a like a Ripper blade, but hitting walls endlessly.
When you activate the blades, you can cut down enemies (several at once since it passes through their flesh) and translocate to great distances, however it brings the disadvantage of being bigger (so it cannot pass through narrow spaces), the travel is a bit more turbulent, it's slower to relaunch, and since it never stops you can never really rely on its position, and if you do monitor it, with the action UT has you may as well get fragged while you wait and look intently to the trajectory of this device.
But if however you don't like one of the modes, you can disable either one, as configure lots of settings, such as: fx, sounds, speed, etc.

There are 2 new fx you can choose from (actually 4, but 2 of them are: no fx and standard teleport fx from UT):
* glowing team-colored particles: these leave a glowing decay in both points that quickly fades away like dust;
* dark particles: basically the dark version of the one above (better for dark places to not be noticed).

Well, I won't announce a final release date just yet because bad delaying-kind stuff happens whenever I set a date, but I would say that the progress is pretty much at 95% now, so all I ask you to wait a little bit longer as it's almost ready.

Thanks for your support so far
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Tue Apr 10 2012, 10:42am
Registered Member #4
Joined: Mon Dec 19 2011, 10:08am
Posts: 95
Oh yeahhhhhhh.
I can't wait till it's done and online!
Great work xXx.
It looks amazing.
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Tue Apr 10 2012, 02:59pm

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Dec 18 2011, 10:19pm
Posts: 29
exxxelent so far and so good, good luck with the less 5% of work todo
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Thu Jul 05 2012, 06:57pm
Registered Member #26
Joined: Tue Jan 17 2012, 01:46am
Posts: 7
Still in the phase of fixes and enhancements, but since some months have passed and someone at moddb just screamed "update please!", I thought... well, why not?
As for a release, well, 1st preview in August 2010, 2nd preview in August 2011, release... perhaps you can guess where this is going.
Let's see if I can match that time (during that month I will have plenty of time for this thus perhaps that will be "the time").

To whoever saw the 2nd preview of NW3, in the end of the video I have shown the Megaton nuclear explosion at the time and the guided nuke HUD.
If you don't remember those, I invite you to just check the nuke part of the video to see the "old" ones.
Anyway, I found those a bit "meh.." and decided to enhance both a bit (along with all the nuclear explosions and all the other NW3 weapons).

So as an example of those enhancements, I present you the Megaton nuke enhancement and guided nuke HUD enhancement, still not perfect, but I won't enhance these any further, so this is an example of what you should expect in the final release.
Sorry for the huge development time, but I didn't have that much of a choice...

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Sat Jul 07 2012, 12:09am

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Dec 18 2011, 10:19pm
Posts: 29
hi xXx good things need sometimes very much time, i hope u find the time to finish up ure things, we are here waiting.. cause we have time at least i hope that i may have some more time he...
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